2017 Bleavins Family PD trip

26 days / 8250 miles / 136 hours 12 minutes

The Bleavins family has a heart for God’s global church and have been part of mission teams in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Zambia, Latvia, and Honduras. They have also been part of local missions helping multiple church startups using their gifts of technology, worship, and caring for children. They have recently become missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators and are on a tour advocating for those without a Bible in their language. They are open to sharing with individuals, small groups, or churches.
We have the tools and technology to reach even the remotest places on earth with the Hope of the God's word. The Bleavins family would like to share with you how they feel they have been called to reach these waiting communities, and how each of us can be part of it.
Here is a video the bleavins family: https://youtu.be/cureY3eMSsM
More information can also be found on their website, More information can also be found on their website, http://www.bleavinsmission.org

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