Lois en Hispania - Bike Touring

70 days / 3884 km / 189 hours 25 minutes

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The route is very accurate but not 100%, most routes/trails you see on this map is the exact ones I cycled through Spain. I cycled 3000km in 70 days.
The day count is accurate.
Camping = I used the tent
Sleeping = I slept without tent, open sky.
Invited = I was invited by locals
Hostel/Albergue = Paid to sleep

This was my first Bike Touring experience. I always wanted to travel in an adventurous way and, one day, I watched this movie about a guy travelling the world by bike and it gave me this idea. I don't think there's a better way to explore than by bike, you go fast enough to cover a big distance, yet slow enough to enjoy and absorb the experience.
I didn't have much time or money at the time so I decided to just use the bike I had, buy cheap equipment and set off to Spain. Why Spain? I just wanted to try this form of travelling and there could be no excuses. Spain is just next door, filled with adventure, culture, beautiful cities and landscapes. A reason to meet my Spanish neighbours and strengthen the language. The ideal plan.
After completing 3000km in 70 days (which is nothing compared to most bike-tourers), I realised that this is the form of travelling I want to do in the future. There is a lot to explore. I'll see you on the road.

The movie I watched is called Janapar by Tom Allen
There are many bike-tourers sharing their knowledge, make sure to do your research!

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